The session will be held:

March 27

Karen Sprague Cultural Arts Center

American International College

The schedule is:

6pm Registration/Networking

6:30 Featured speaker:


Terry Mollner, President, Trusteeship Institute

In 2000, Terry led a group in a bid to purchase Ben and Jerry’s
Homemade, Inc. The effort eventually failed but Unilever invited
Terry to become part of their offer, to serve on the board of the
Ben & Jerry’s subsidiary corporation, and assist Unilever to manage
their social audit globally. Unilever, the largest consumer
products company in the world, succeeded in purchasing Ben &
Jerry’s. Mollner is now fulfilling these roles.

Terry is the founder and president of Trusteeship Institute, Inc., a
consulting firm s converting to employee-ownership. The Institute
also does research and development of new socially responsible
investment models. Terry is also a principal in Meadowbrook Lane,
Inc., a socially responsible investment banking firm. Dr. Mollner
has also served on the board of Cyberlore Studios, Inc., a computer
game developer in Northampton and chairs the board of Coop Plus of
Western Massachusetts, Inc.

7:20 Open mic: Opportunity for entrepreneurs from the audience to make a one
minute pitch

7:30 Networking & Refreshments

8:00 Business plan presentation:

Bioshelters/Waterfields Aquaculture

The business plan presentation at the March session of the Western
Massachusetts Venture Forum is Bioshelters. Founded in 1986 in
Amherst, Massachusetts this company has perfected an integrated
aquaculture and hydroponics facility based on technology originally
developed from research at Hampshire College. The prototype system
has been in operation for 10 years in Amherst producing about 30,000
pounds of fish and 4600 cases of herbs annually. A larger system is
now being built. The Bioshelters system is unique because it
recycles 99.7 percent of all of the water and waste produced. The
perfection of a recirculating system creates a solution to the
environmental impediments to aquaculture growth and puts this
company at the vanguard of the industry. This proven and
environmentally cleaned technology will allow the company to
capitalize on the growing demand for fresh, unpolluted fish; and
industry which is now over $2.5 billion annually. Growing
hydroponics herbs and vegetables such as basil, pesto, arugula and
watercress provides a second source of income and a hedge against
fluctuating fish prices.

With the completion of a full-scale commercial operation in Amherst,
the company is targeting Boston, New York, Chicago, Cleveland,
Seattle, San Francisco and the Los Angeles markets. It anticipates
targeting other markets through a combination of wholly owned
facilities and joint ventures with local partners.

8:20 Panel discussion and audience questions
Panel will include:

Terry Mollner

Glenn Hanson, Angel Investor

There is an admission charge of $5 for members and $10 for

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