The editorial in the August 2001 edition of BusinessWest,

recognized the contribution of the Venture Forum
when it said:

Another positive step in the Valley’s efforts to create and foster
entrepreneurial energy was the formation last year of the Western Mass
Venture Forum Series. Staged every other month at American International
College, the forums were blueprinted with a specific mission: To link
entrepreneurs with capital.

In its first year, the program certainly did that, but it also went several
steps beyond that initial goal. While some ventures managed to receive money
from Angel investors and venture capitalists, dozens of others gained needed
attention. This exposure often translated into something that entrepreneurs
needed as much as capital – connections.

In addition, the forums featured presentations from some of the regions most
noted and successful entrepreneurs, including the principals from Concourse
Communications, BusinessWest’s Top Entrepreneurs For 2000.

What the speakers impart to their audiences is wisdom, in the form of
experience from having been down that dangerous road described earlier. But
they provide another important service – inspiration to those who might be
thinking that the road to entrepreneurship has a few too many potholes.

Is too early to say that there is another Milton Bradley or S. Prestley
Blake presenting ideas at these forums. But suffice it to say that the
venture series and other programs are creating an environment in which those
who have ideas stand a better chance of beating the odds.

The venture forum series, which will begin its second season in September,
has proven that the Valley has a number of talented young men and women
looking to turn their ideas into centers of profit – and employment. By
giving such ventures the resources they need, the Valley’s many
entrepreneurial programs are securing a better future for the entire region.